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Immediate treatment:
Standard treatment for burns is, where possible, to apply cool water immediately to the affected area for several minutes. This helps to relieve the pain and minimize tissue damage. Minor burns may then be treated as indicated below. For serious burns, seek medical attention immediately.
Further treatment:
Apply the gel expressed from fresh Aloe Vera leaves, gently spreading a thin layer over the affected area. This should be renewed frequently, at least 3 or 4 times daily. (Note - if using a commercial Aloe Vera preparation, make sure it does not contain lanolin, as this will intensify the burn.)
Another highly effective treatment favored by herbalists for its soothing and healing effect on burns:
2 parts Comfrey root or leaves
1 part Marigold flowers
1 part Plantain leaves
1 part St John's Wort herb
Poultice, compress or ointment: apply gently to affected areas - renew frequently (3 or more times daily)

These herbs can also be used individually or combined in any proportions as available. Applied regularly, they will promote rapid healing and the formation of new skin tissue.
Other herbs which are soothing and healing to burns are Chickweed, Marshmallow, Burdock, Coltsfoot and Chamomile. These again can be used individually – or combined in any proportions as available - to prepare a poultice, compress or ointment.

Corns and Warts
Fresh crushed Marigold leaves (or their sap) are effective against warts, and have the advantage of not being toxic. Applied morning and evening, they will also remove corns and callouses.
Similarly, With the Fig (Ficus carica) tree, the milky sap which runs out when a branch is snapped can be applied morning and evening to remove corns and warts.
An old Gypsy remedy for warts is the milky juice or latex squeezed from the flower stems of Dandelion. Painted on, the milky juice will harden to a film. Keep painting more on twice a day, until the wart darkens and falls off — usually within a few weeks.
To remove corns and callouses, paint them morning and evening with fresh Lemon juice or Garlic juice.




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