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The average pregnancy will proceed with few problems until "term," and a normal, healthy baby will be delivered. Mother and baby will be fit and well. The family will share the delight.

However, while this is the usual picture, a certain number of abnormalities can take place. Some women appear to be at special risk, and are more prone to running into trouble than others.

Some of the more important complications that may take place during the course of pregnancy are outlined briefly. This is not done to frighten the mother-to-be; nor is it meant to deter anyone from falling pregnant. This chapter is written solely to let women know that things can sometimes go wrong.

It is important that these abnormalities be recognized. The earlier this takes place, the sooner suitable treatment can be started. The majority of these complaints are readily amenable to treatment.

Many of the so-called complications may be discovered only by the doctor during his routine regular examinations. This is one very important reason why these prenatal visits should not be neglected, for, maybe quite unbeknown to you, some sinister problem is starting to develop. The doctor may pick this up promptly, but if left, it may not become evident until trouble strikes in a much bigger way.

So consider these points. The important symptoms are set out. If you notice any of these starting to make their appearance, it is essential that you contact your doctor promptly.






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